The AirBag is a supersized, air-filled, stunt cushion that provides a soft landing for ski, snowboard and bike jumps, other skatepark activities and vertical stunt jumps.

It is safe and portable, offering extreme sports fans a facility to practice and learn new tricks without fear of injury.
It is an ideal feature for Snowsports Resorts, Mountain Biking Centres, Extreme Sports Events and Festivals
It has proven highly addictive to extreme sports enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners and ‘Sunday Skiers’ to X-Games and Olympic athletes.

bike jump to airbag
Uses for The Airbag

1. As a Training Tool for Professional Athletes - Giving you the Competitive Edge
- As a landing for a regular Big Air Jump
- As a landing for a hip/quarter pipe jump for Halfpipe Training
- As a landing for a Cliff Drop for Big Mountain Training (subject to testing)
- Freestyle Training for Instructors, Coaches and Teams.

2. Snow Fun for all the Family. Children as young as 8 can hit The AirBag on skis/snowboards, provided they are competent enough to hit the kicker straight and have written parental consent.
3. Off-Snow Sports BMX / Mountain Bike / Mountain Board / Skateboard / Inline Skate.
4. Out of Season Snowsports Training using artificial surfaces
5. Vertical Dropping – Stunt Jumps for Work or Fun
If you have an idea of how The AirBag might work for you then give us a call! Any new concept will require safety testing carried out by The AirBag crew, but we are always keen to innovate and find new ways to utilise our product.



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